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Egoscue Method and Philosophy

Living with chronic pain day after day can begin to feel normal and like there’s no way out. At Align by Design, we don’t believe that pain is permanent. We utilize the Egoscue Method which seeks to find areas, where your body is out of alignment by employing the latest technology and correcting those imbalances with a series of personalized exercises designed to return your body to its peak activity and function and allowing you to forget what living in constant pain, feels like.

This tried-and-true method was created by Pete Egoscue after he struggled for years living with back pain and was unable to find any therapy or program that worked long-term. The Egoscue Method is a breakthrough in postural therapy and has been endorsed by such people as Tony Robbins.


Are you over taking multiple pain medications that only alleviate the symptoms? Tired of trying different treatments month after month with only temporary results? We can help where others haven’t. Align by Design utilizes the Egoscue Method to reduce, manage, and eliminate pain. Our philosophy is that pain is your body’s way of telling you that your body is out of balance and by correcting your alignment we can return you to a more functional, active, and pain-free life.